This is all the stuff i made for my personal Promotion pack. Including, Potfolio, CV, Invoice and purchase order, Letterhead, Business Cards, Stcikers, and a folder to hold it all together.

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These are links to some of the things i have created for this project, as part of my career development which cant be printed.

Porfolio PDF: Jack Gilliand Porfolio

Online Portfolio/ Website:

I have noticed some spelling mistakes in my portfolio and my CV, but its too late to change it now

CV Download: Jack Gilliland Cv

I also got myself onto more social networking sites as nowadays these are really useful in getting your work seen by a large audience fast.



I also have a blog which i have had for ages but definitely an important tool to keep followers up to date with my work:

After graduation i plan to start of by getting a general job just to allow myself to save up some money before apply for creative design job and internship as i want to be able to comfortably afford travel to interviews and other costs. Also some of the internships i have been looking into are unpaid so i would need money to allow for travel. Eventually i would ideally like to work for creative graphic design companies and collectives with a broad rage of design areas, including magazine design, website design, creative artwork (illustration). As well as this i plan on doing freelance illustration work along side, i have had some experience in this area but haven’t really pushed it as of yet.  I am also planning to teach myself HTML and CSS in my spare time as i have noticed these are things people are looking for in potential employers, so i think it will only benefit me to learn these and improve my chances of getting a design job.


I wanted to make something to hold all of my promotional material together so i have designed this folder. I have also decided to make some simple stickers with my logo and web address on it as i think this is attactive to the kinds of design jobs i am looking for. Images show the net for my folder and my sticker design ready to print.

These are my designs for my portfolio layout. I wanted to create somthing different rather than just a book or standard portfolio so i am going have 6 cards 210mm by 210mm showing my work with information about each project on the back, as well as having a front card saying portfolio with info on the back of that. I will all be held together with a wrap around strip of card with the coloured logo design. Aswell as look visually appealing i think it would allow the employer to spread out the work and see it all at once making it much more versatile than bound pages. Also it allows me to easy make additions and take away pages from the portfolio without reprinting everthing.

I have added colour in my chosen colour scheme to add interest and also rearranged things as there was alot of wasted space on my previous design. On the back i have included selected work from my portfolio to give the potential employer a chance to see my work straight away.

This a layout idea i have had for my cv, i want all my information on one side and a few selected images of my work on the back. At the moment i feel its a bit plain and boring, i need to make it more visually exciting, perhaps using my colour scheme in some way.